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"Motivation gets you going, and habit gets you there." - Zig Ziglar

What I do​

I am a Personal Breast Cancer Navigator/ Coach and Speaker. Navigation is the the individualized assistance given to patients to help overcome the challenges of the very daunting cancer journey, from diagnosis through treatment and into Survivorship.

My passion is Survivorship and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and exercise from a physical and mental perspective.

Breast Health Foundation SA Advocacy and Navigation Training:

I received Oncology Patient Navigation Training: The Fundamentals from the George Washington Cancer Centre in Washington DC, U.S.A. I also underwent Breast Cancer Recovery Specialist Advanced Training from the CETI Cancer Exercise Training Institute in the U.S.A. 

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I Speak.

I love to use motivational speaking to inspire, motivate and educate the lives of all those I come into contact with in order to make a difference.

I Coach.

Advising, Educating and Coaching Breast Cancer Survivors on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and exercise programs.

I Write.

I love to share my experiences and knowledge through the platform of writing inspirational articles on my blogging platform.

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I would love to have the opportunity to speak at your upcoming event, please get in touch with me.

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Custom Exercise Programs

If you are looking for a fitness training program with a personal touch that works for you, I'd love to hear from you.

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Nicole is reliable, dedicated, organised and very proficient. Her insight into requirements of individual athletes is testimony that she has competed at the highest level herself, and has proven invaluable to many athletes during training and in preparation for competition. Nicole is forever researching running and coaching techniques and theories, she is up to date on any news on the topic and she has completed levels one and two of the FFA Coaching courses.

Marcel Viljoen

Fitness from Africa Owner and Head Coach

It is with great pleasure that I write a commendation for Nicole Fuller. Nicole lives and breathes the values of a woman of stature and exemplifies the true nature of a change agent. She is a truly remarkable woman and although she has faced obstacles in her life has persevered with tenacity and endurance. She has a fighting spirit and is an inspiration to others because of her positive attitude to life and encouraging message. Her passion for the sport of athletics has brought her many accolades but she has remained humble and channels her achievements into being a role model and coach of future South African athletes. Her scare with breast cancer may have changed her life in an instant but she has made it her mission to translate this into a message of hope. Her candid version of her breast cancer journey is both humorous and emotional. Nicole is a brave, strong, determined, intentional and purpose-driven woman.

Charlotte du Plessis

Woman of Stature - Managing Director
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