Cancer my unexpected gift

Cancer my unexpected gift

Looking back to just over a year ago, and how my life has changed since my Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Bilateral Mastectomy. Walking into Prof Carol Benn’s consulting rooms totally overwhelmed and shattered. Seeing all the other ladies with Breast Cancer and thinking is this really real, do I really have Breast Cancer. How could it happen to me.

Fast forward from Indescribable Fear to Remarkable Recovery and the Power of Positivity. Thanks to my running and the positive mindset it has given me. Taking me out of my comfort zone. Meeting remarkable, inspiring Woman. Deciding that my Story could inspire, motivate and educate and give hope.

The challenge and excitement of becoming a public Speaker and launching a whole New Career at 50 Something. So to many it may seem absurd to be calling Cancer my Unexpected gift. But for me it certainly has been. I am extremely grateful for my remarkable recovery. My deepest hope is to stay healthy and continue to share the Power of Positivity.

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