Soulful Purpose

When you face mortality you question your purpose in life. Spirituality and Existentialism is a connection with self or others. A sense of purpose or meaning, an appreciation for life. When you hear the words you have Cancer, it shocks you to your very core. You experience fear, anger, vulnerability, and depression. Your whole world comes crashing down. But then something else kicks in. A Higher Power, and you fight. You fight for your life. Your whole outlook on life changes and you certainly appreciate and value life more.

Whether a Cancer diagnosis, another life threatening illness or condition.  A very traumatic event or just the stresses of daily life. We all need Spirituality and Existentialism, a sense of purpose. I think it is vitally important that each and every individual find their own purpose and connection. This could be Art, Music, Literature, Nature, Sport or Exercise, Religion or a Spiritual Power Greater than oneself.

Running is so deeply embedded in my being. It gives me a deep sense of purpose and a deep Spiritual connection to God.  To witness a beautiful Moon when I start my early morning run in the dark followed by a Glorious sunrise a short while later. A new dawn this is what feeds my Soul, gives me a sense of purpose and a connection to God. I love the analogy Religion is like a fish swimming in a fish bowl. Spirituality is like a fish swimming free in the Ocean.

We all need our own Soulful Purpose. Life can change in a heartbeat. Live, love and embrace life. Be grateful to God. Do your Health Checks. Go on holiday often. Walk in Nature. Do what makes you happy.

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