Life can change in a heart beat

Life can change in a heart beat

From thinking you are healthy and happy and living a normal life one day and then the very next a Cancer Diagnosis. Once Cancer strikes the world changes. The axis of the planet shifts and you will never experience it the same way again.

That initial diagnosis strikes fear into the depths of your soul. From being an elite athlete from the age of 14. A Springbok in Track, Cross Country and Road Running. Leading a healthy lifestyle. Clean living, no smoking or drinking. I still got Cancer.

Cancer does not discriminate. Do not ever take your health for granted. My biggest fear was the fear of the unknown. It makes you realise the Fragility of life and it certainly brings you out of your comfort Zone. It teaches you the power of positivity and to fight for your life, and somehow you do, especially if you have children. The meaning of family and friends. My Family and friends were so incredibly supportive. I was incredibly lucky not to have to undergo Chemotherapy or radiation and for this I am extremely grateful. I thank the Lord everyday for my remarkable recovery.

Cancer certainly teaches you to live life to the fullest and most importantly. DON’T STRESS THE SMALL STUFF.

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