Lessons learned from my doctors

Lessons learned from my doctors

I was extremely privileged to have Prof Carol Benn as my Surgeon. A Cancer diagnosis is so frightening, your life is suddenly thrown into such turmoil and I think the biggest factor is the Fear of the Unknown. Of course I had heard of Carol and many years ago had heard her on the radio talking about Angelina Jolie’s very controversial Bilateral mastectomy and hysterectomy. When my gynae informed me that I did have Breast Cancer I immediately thought of Prof Benn and a second later my Gynae highly recommended her.

It was pretty daunting walking into her consulting rooms on a Saturday afternoon which were packed with so many woman. Carol never turns anyone away and often consults late into the night even on weekends. As soon as I saw Carol, while waiting for my consult, I was put at ease. Strolling around her own consulting rooms wearing jeans a t-shirt and running shoes, she exuded warmth and confidence and I knew I was in the best hands.


I am the type of person who likes to know exactly what’s going on and likes to know everything in detail. What struck me most about Carol is not only the time she spends and the focus she has on you alone. But for me it was the information I received from her on Breast Cancer. I find huge comfort in the knowing, I received a pack of information on BC and each procedure I was to undergo. Carol has a brilliant and unique way of writing about BC in story form. Her stories are so incredibly informative, and funny and definitely lightened things up. It certainly helped me be more positive and take away a lot of my fear.

I think the best advice I could give anyone in a similar situation is. It is so important to be confident and comfortable with your Doctors. When you are diagnosed with Cancer you are in such shock but you just somehow, sense if your Doctors are right for you. If you have any doubt get a second opinion. The very wise words of Prof Benn more often than not BC is not a life threatening emergency. You always have time for a second opinion.

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