Hope thy Beloved Country

Hope thy beloved country

As South – Africans we live with so much negativity each and every day. The crime, the state of our economy, petrol prices, food prices, escalating health costs, state capture, the list goes on and on. So many of us despair and immigration is at an all time high. But not all of us have the luxury of emigrating.

Here in lies the Power of Positivity. There are so many who are doing so much good for our Country and People. With the collapsing of our State Health system. The crisis of Oncology treatment in KwaZulu Natal. There are some remarkable Doctors and Foundations who are working and campaigning tirelessly for the benefit of our people. Prof Carol – Ann Benn and her team at the Helen Joseph Breast Clinic, The Breast Health Foundation, The Cancer Alliance.

These remarkable Woman are fighting and campaigning and advocating to make sure that Woman who do not have access to private medical care get World class treatment and have access to the drugs needed to treat their Cancers. One of these drugs is Herceptin which Is needed to treat Her 2 positive Breast Cancer. In the private sector this drug can cost from 200 000 Rand upwards for a treatment. It was not available to our State patients until very recently, the tireless work of the above mentioned foundations have secured a years supply in the state hospitals. Without this drug many people with Her 2 positive BC would die.

This is just one positive story. There are so many others doing amazing things for Charities, supporting, raising funds for the underprivileged, the abused and abandoned.

If we all do our bit in some small way and support a foundation, a cause, a charity we can surely, slowly and hopefully bring positivity to our Beautiful Country and give us all hope.

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