Catch 22

Catch 22

Following on from my previous blog HOPE THY BELOVED COUNTRY I have decided to write on Catch 22. Growing up in the Apartheid era, I myself missed out on representing South Africa as a Junior Athlete on the World Stage at Junior World Championships and Youth Olympics. I then experienced reverse apartheid, as a Senior athlete twice. Once for World Cross Country and then the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Marathon where I qualified A standard but was overlooked due to Politics. But my fellow South Africans missed out on so much more. My own children born post apartheid have grown up in privilege. Having had a Private School education and been given many opportunities. Growing up as Born Free’s in a multi-cultural and diverse Society.

Although there is so much hope there is also so many glaring disparities. My own Sons will experience reverse Apartheid for certain University Courses and when they get into the job market. I find it very sad that both my 21 and 15 year old Sons are so acutely aware of this and both feel that there futures lie overseas.

I watched my 15 year old Son and his best friend doing community service at an Adoption home for abandoned babies and toddlers. Playing, feeding and loving these precious little Souls. So sad but so rewarding to give them a little bit of love.  So good for our own privileged children to see how lucky and privileged they really are. But so sad because they do not see a future for themselves in South – Africa.

We can only try our best to help and give hope to those who cannot help themselves. Hopefully every little bit done by each and everyone of us can give HOPE TO OUR BELOVED COUNTRY.

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