Boobs be gone

Boobs be gone

Once my Breast Cancer had been diagnosed as Invasive Lobular Carcinoma my Surgeon Prof Carol Benn then discussed my treatment plan. I immediately said Bilateral Mastectomy. Although then we thought I only had Cancer in my left Breast, they had also found a lump in my right breast which was thought to be an adenoma non Cancer which also landed up as Cancer. But I had decided I wanted both off anyway. I had the option of immediate reconstruction and didn’t want two different looking boobs.

That was not the only reason. I just wanted my BOOBS TO BE GONE. I just wanted the Cancer gone. I know that some Woman find this decision extremely differcult. For some reason it didn’t worry me all that much. Maybe because I am a runner and had small boobs anyway. I wasn’t that attached to them.

Looking back this really makes me laugh. Once Prof Benn and I had decided on the Blilateral Mastectomy with immediate reconstruction, she said what size would you like ? I said the smallest possible. So Carol went off to explain to my Plastic Surgeon Dr Charles Serrurier that I needed the smallest breast prosthetic’s possible because I was a runner. My friend Theresa said I was crazy. She said “ Why do you want small one’s when this is the perfect opportunity to get bigger one’s’’.

It all worked out perfectly in the end. I got the smallest Breast prosthetic’s possible. Dr Serrurier did a great job on my reconstruction and Carol managed to remove all of my Cancer.

#NicoleFuller #BoobsBeGone #NoMoreCancer #BrandNewBoobs.

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