My Remarkable Journey

A pilgrimage through fragility and the unknown to the miraculous.

My Story

I was born in Johannesburg and Grew up on the East Rand. I matriculated from Sir Pierre Van Ryneveld High School in Kempton Park. My father was a Springbok Race Walker so Athletics was in my blood.

Discovered my true running talent

Only in High School did I discover my true running talent. After leading a school Cross Country race and passing out from pushing to hard and then getting up to finish, did I realise my potential. I received my provincial colours at 14 for the 400m and steadily moved up to the longer distances. In my matric year, 1983, I medalled on the Track and Cross Country at National Junior Championships. Half way through my Matric year I was recruited by the University of Nebraska in Lincoln USA and received a full scholarship. I received my All American Colours and excelled on the Track. Unfortunately, due to injury, I became very homesick and returned home to SA.

Triple Springbok aspirations

I then went on to become a Triple Springbok in Track, Cross Country and Road Running. I won numerous National Titles on the Track and on the Road. I represented SA at six World Half Marathon Championships. I won the SA Marathon title twice and Qualified for the Atlanta Olympic Games but was unfortunately not selected.

I continued to compete at International level after the birth of my oldest son, Ayrton in 1997. I decided to retire from competitive running in 2002 when I fell pregnant with my youngest son Greg. I continued to run for myself and became a full time Mom and raised my boys. My competitive running years afforded me many opportunities. I travelled the world, met incredible people, I competed with legendary Zola Budd and Elana Meyer and I am still friends with these remarkable athletes and women today.

The Call of Coaching

I then became involved in coaching when my youngest son Greg started showing a lot of potential as a distance runner. I started coaching with Marcel Viljoen from Fitness from Africa. I am passionate about coaching, inspiring and sharing my knowledge with young up and coming athletes. I have been coaching with Marcel for 4 years now and have developed as a Coach thanks to Marcel's guidance and motivation.

The Power of Positivity battles the Indescribable Fear

My life was turned upside down when I discovered a lump in my breast and was diagnosed with breast Cancer in August 2017. From that Indescribable Fear of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer and having a Bilateral Mastectomy. To a remarkable recovery thanks to many factors My Power of Positivity, my determination to get back to my running which has taught me so much. Discipline, Commitment and consistency. My supportive and loving family, My incredible Doctors.

Then most importantly what Cancer does to you. It turns your life upside down but it has also been a gift. It has taken me out of my comfort Zone, given me confidence and the need to reach out and use my story, to educate motivate and inspire. I have gained so much knowledge in regard to Breast Cancer survivorship and like to keep up to date with all the latest advances in Breast Cancer Treatments and research.

Crossing paths with Remarkable Women

I have been privileged to meet Remarkable Women who have taught me so much and continue to inspire me. Prof Carol – Ann Benn, her commitment, passion and her drive to save lives and advocate and campaign for Her patients, and Breast Cancer as a whole is truly remarkable. Charlotte Du Plessis Woman Of Stature Founder and COO who supports, trains, uplifts and empowers Women from all walks of life. It has been a remarkable journey for me and I am looking forward to hopefully helping, supporting and inspiring as many people as possible in the future.

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A pictorial narrative of my journey

Zola Budd and I after World Half Marathon Champs Majorca Spain 1996.
Zola Budd and I after World Half Marathon Champs Majorca Spain 1996
Winning the Victory Race 5km in Pretoria 1997
Winning the Victory Race 5km in Pretoria 1997
SA Runner Cover April 1996
SA Runner Cover April 1996
SA Runner Cover Feb 1995
SA Runner Cover Feb 1995
SA Schools Team / Medal Winner 1983 Matric
SA Schools Team / Medal Winner 1983 Matric
Winning first race 1984
Winning my first Race at the University of Nebraska,
Lincoln, USA January 1984
Cross Country Springbok Colours 1987 with my Dad Albert Landmann also a Springbok Athlete.
Cross Country Springbok Colours 1987
with my Dad Albert Landmann also a Springbok Athlete

What can I do for you?​

Motivational speaking to inspire, motivate and educate. Coaching track, field and middle to long distance running up to marathon. Involved at Fitness from Africa Running Club. Online personalised programs, style and technique correction, injury prevention and cross training programs, including track training groups. This is my passion. Get in touch, I believe we can do great things together!

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